Packing Services

Our packing teams are specialised handlers taking due care and attention when boxing your items so you can be assured your possessions are in safe hands.

All our boxes and packing materials are specially designed to protect your belongings during the loading and unloading process, and during transportation.

The equipment we use for packing are sturdy removal boxes of various sizes generally either small, medium or large. We pack with polystyrene box fillings, bubble-wrap of various lengths and special tissue wrap for all glass, china and different items of crockery. Making sure the box is fully padded and not over loaded. Then we seal the box with extra strong tape. Finally making sure all boxes are labelled correctly.

If you would rather pack yourself we can provide you with the correct packing boxes and wrapping materials.

Few Tips:

  • Have present a range of different box sizes along with tape, scissors, marker, bubble-wrap, packing paper etc
  • Pack per room
  • Give yourself as much time as possible
  • Space out items at the bottom of the box, heaviest at the bottom….DO NOT OVERFILL or OVERLOAD! tape and seal and label with respective room in new location.
  • Any fragile items, lamps or of that nature, please bubble-wrap or cushion with soft materials.
  • Kitchenware, ceramics, ornaments and other items of a similar nature needs to be adequately tissue/paper wrapped on the inner and outer parts of each item and boxed, with bubble-wrap in between glassware to provide further protection and prevent movement of items within boxes during transit
  • Wardrobe boxes are excellent for all your clothes which need to transported on clothes hangers.
  • Please disconnect and secure all appliances
  • Mattress and sofa covers should be used respectively to protect these items, we also provide a product known as Furni-guard which is durable and excellent at protecting all furniture during transit. Please esquire
  • Finally, of course all our vans are equipped with blankets, strapping and so forth

If you require our comprehensive packing services with your removal please contact us.