Moving Costs

Below are some examples of House moving costs at Kwik Move Removals Crawley :

An average 1 bedroom ground floor flat move costs approx. £200
An average 2 bedroom ground floor flat move costs approx. £250

Each full flight of stairs will result in a £25 increment

An average 3 bedroom house move costs approx. £400
An average 4 bedroom house move costs approx. £550
An average 5 bedroom house move costs approx. £700

These moving costs are approximate only, we prefer to carry out a home survey visit to acquaint ourselves with the customer and assess the size of the move and answer any questions. We feel meeting our customers enables us to deliver a more tailored service which meets all the needs of the customer. In half the cases we find the customers are downsizing thereby selling half of their furniture or allocating it to charity, we provide a house clearance in those instances with no cost to the customer!

Usually a 2-3 man team is deployed with a fully equipped vehicle. Kwik Move personnel are trained fully uniform staff who get to work in a very efficient and methodical manner.

If it is a single item that needs moving within a 5 mile radius the price will be a standard £25 -£30

Packing moving costs vary depending on what needs packing with complimentary packing materials provided. At Kwik Move Ltd we use a wide array of packing materials, each designed for their specific use, thereby ensuring a most efficient process and most importantly optimum protection for your furniture, contents and valuable.

We regard ourselves as mid range when it comes to our charges. We are not as expensive as Pickfords or Bishops Move and we are not your man and van operation. When it comes to house moves or flat moves we will accommodate different budgets and tweak our services to suit. It is the close relationships we form with our customers, before, during and after the move has taken place which has endeared us to our past customers and attract new ones.

At Kwik Move we recognise that a hassle free move is a move well planned and executed.

Accreditations are useful and worthy if it is matched by the service. Our reviews and returning customers are a testament to our service quality.

Office Moving costs vary, they are complex and needs careful planning. We have the experience and know-how to execute all types of office moves, big or small, day or night. We are building an incredible reputation here at Kwik Move in this segment and we intend to expand our geographical reach, expertise and portfolio over the course of 2017-18


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